tube amp design

Van turn key project tot 3D tekenwerk

We design and produce complete tube amplifiers and speaker cabinets, literally from white paper to working product. Whether it is an authentic tube amplifier with a hand-wired turret board or a more modern tube amplifier with a custom-designed and assembled printed circuit board (PCB); we take care of the entire design process and – if desired – production process of the tube amplifier. From schematic and circuit board design to housing and from 3D chassis design to screen printing, powder coating and tolexes.

finetuning prototypes

If you have already built a prototype yourself and have been dreaming for years about putting your own brand on the market, then you have come to the right place at Elfring Amps. We specialize in turning a prototype into a quickly produceable, high-quality and affordable product. We can also – if desired – take on series construction.

Schematic / circuit board design

Elfring Amps designs turret boards as well as printed circuit boards (PCBs) for tube amplifiers and advises on the choice of components. The schematics and PCBs are made with the help of a computer program, so making changes later is relatively easy. If desired, Elfring Amplifier Manufacturing also takes care of the production of the printed circuit boards.

3D Drawing

Elfring Amps provides 3D drawing work for both tube amplifiers and other products. For example, we can draw chassis and make necessary files to have chassis made. Delivery of chassis including powder coating and / or screen printing is also possible.

Design cabinets / speaker cabinets

Elfring Amps designs wooden cabinets for tube amplifiers and speaker cabinets. We can advise on the choice between different types of wood and joints. To prevent standing waves and resonances, we have written our own calculation program so that we can quickly see whether a cabinet is not in the “danger area”..

CE mark advice

Many products that appear on the market within the European Union (EU) must have a CE mark. This indicates that the product meets legal safety requirements. This also applies to tube amplifiers. Speaker cabinets are outside the CE mark. With regard to the CE Mark, we can advise on the choice of components, touch safety, PCB design and tests to be carried out.

Other products

The expertise of Elfring Amps is not limited to only tube amplifiers and speaker cabinets. Contact us for the possibilities regarding design and production of other products.