About Elfring

Aircraft construction and a passion for guitar music. Put those two ingredients together and beautiful things come out. Floris Elfring was trained as an aircraft builder (HTS Aircraft Construction) and a great fan of guitar music. With his technical background, two right hands (and feet), and a feeling for guitar music, he has been looking for the ultimate sound in recent years.

As co-founder and owner of the Dutch amplifier brand Kool & Elfring, he designed and built various tube amplifiers from 2007 onwards. Since 2015 he has gone his own way with Elfring Amps and More.

Most guitarists will agree that the sound of the old tube guitar amps is the best. Floris has managed to match that sound in his designs – according to some perhaps even surpassed – and packed in his own amplifiers and speaker cabinets. The Elfring Amps and More team builds these designs from drawing board to the final product. From the electronics to the manufacture of the wooden cabinets and the cladding, everything is manufactured in our own workshop.

Elfring Amps and More does a lot more than just designing and building tube amplifiers and speaker cabinets. We build high-quality flight cases, repair amplifiers, and speaker cabinets, and have a webshop and a physical store with our own products, but also guitars, straps, cables, and other accessories. 

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