Draw the line at perfection

The Eurovolt is the European 230 volt version of the American 110 volt Brownbox and is used by guitarists and studios all over the world.

Professional recording studios, technicians and musicians agree that the correct supply voltage is essential for optimal tube amp performance. You too can now achieve that elusive, classic warm vintage sound with the Eurovolt.
The foundation for any world-class signature tone naturally starts with talent, but it also requires a consistent and reliable signal chain. The Eurovolt provides that solid basis.
Guitarists who have been using the Eurovolt for a long time notice how tone, touch and feel have finally come together, offering them improved harmonics and dynamic amp performance. Make sure you also get a beautiful basic sound with the Eurovolt. Classic tube sound starts with the Eurovolt.
Known guitarists like Joe Satriani, Orianthi, Sammy Hagar, Peter Stroud (Sheryl Crow), Clay Cook (Zac Brown Band), Charlie Starr (Blackberry Smoke), Jimmy Herring, George Lynch, Roy Jansen (Pilgrims), Derek Trucks, Buddy Miller , Phil Keaggy, Tom Guerra, JD Simo, Eric Ambel (Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, The Dellords, Steve Earle): they all use the Brownbox / Eurovolt.


Eurovolt pedal | Elfring Amps

Why voltage optimization? 

  1. Establishes the basis for  your signal chain and the starting point in building a consistent signature tone. Earlier power tube saturation equals  earlier break-up at more usable volume levels .    

2. A smoother tonal shift  toward even order harmonics, revealing  the amplifier’s true designed tone fundamental .  

3. Lower internal voltages = lower dissipation = longer component life.

For decades, engineers and players who understand the fundamentals of tube amps and tone have used voltage optimization as an essential and permanent part of their equipment. They know from experience that their tone and signal chain depend directly on the supply voltage.
The correct supply voltage gives the original sound, which is the beginning and the basis of the signal path. Keep in mind that pedals and attenuators color your sound, they don’t make it. Eurovolt is the first line level regulator designed for tube amp purists who understand where their tone originates. 

Why would I want or need voltage regulation?

Vintage tube circuits respond to voltage changes. Dynamics, sound, touch and feel; it all changes at different voltage levels and from stage to stage. And that’s unacceptable if you’ve set a signature tone on your amp. With the Eurovolt, you can choose to select the era-specific voltage required for the true fundamental tone of the amp, or you can lower the voltage and choose from a range of safe reduction levels and explore other tonal options – Eurovolt does that and more . Use it as your basic setup and you always have the sound you want.

Eurovolt – the back to basics, plug and play tool for the tube tone purist.

Use the Eurovolt and experience harmoniously rich, pure tube sound night after night.


Main features 

1. Easy-to-read backlit LCD display for real-time voltage and amperage display, also useful for diagnostics.
2. Roadproof.
3. Proprietary transformer designs wound exclusively for use with tube amps.
4. Quiet, cool operation.
5. Custom wound 2.5 amp transformer delivering up to 440 Watts at 240 V. Designed for medium to larger amplifiers, Fender Bassman, Marshall 50s / 100S etc. Or for parallel or (DUAL) amplifiers. Make sure to check the manufacturer’s nameplate on the back of the chassis for input watts requirements or just give us a call, we’ll be happy to help.
6. 2 year parts and labor warranty.
7. Made in the Netherlands by Elfring Amps and More.