cabinet manufacturing 

Elfring Amps has a fully equipped workshop to build serial cabinets and speaker cabinets. With the help of our computer-controlled milling machine (CNC) we can produce cabinets quickly and cheaply. We also do the tolexing (upholstery) and speaker cloth in our own factory.


Using our computer-controlled routing machine, we can quickly and accurately produce cabinets and speaker cabinets. This CNC routing machine has a tolerance of approximately 0.1 mm, so that all parts to be assembled always fit neatly. With our self-designed and developed corner joint, we ensure a sturdy and reliable joint that can take a beating..


In our wood workshop we can cut and set slats, round off the corners of cabinets and do many other woodworks. It is also possible to “blacken” the cabinet, we use a solution-free paint for this. Making only front plates or smaller series is no problem, contact us for the possibilities.

Tolexing (upholstery)

Elfring Amps has extensive experience in refurbishing amplifier or speaker cabinets. We can obtain and process almost all tolex types and colors.
We also refurbish old cabinets. It should be noted here that this is not always possible due to the glue used in the past.

grill cloth

Elfring Amps has extensive experience in refurbishing grill cloth. We can obtain and process almost all types and colors of grill cloth. Placing a new grill cloth in an old cabinet is also possible.

Hardware / speakers

If desired, Elfring Amps also supplies and assembles all types of hardware, such as handles, protective corners, speaker jack plates, wheels and feet. We can also supply and assemble speakers including wiring. Contact us for the possibilities.