1. Amp placement
There are many options in placing you guitar amplifier. Your sound differs when putting it against the wall, placed on the ground or in a guitar stand. Experiment with what suits your preference beste. If you like lowend, place it on the ground. When not try placing it in a guitar stand. The difference in sound is humongous.

2. More mids
A lot of guitarists tend to cut out a lot of mids. When you play alone, that might sound ok or great. But when playing in a band or recording, your sound might drown in total mix. Begin with bass, treble and mids at noon and slowly boost the mids until you find the sweetspot. After that adjust bass and treble to taste. Be careful not tot add to much bass. They didn’t invent a bass player for fun.

3. Lowering gain
Most of us love gain. But in gaining more gain you also add saturation and loose definition. Sometimes it is a bit harder to play with less gain, but you will get used to this. But especially when begin in a recording situation. You will gain a lot in getting better sound by lowering the gain! The mix will become much more transparent and your guitartone more dynamic/punchy.