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Little Gem combo

If you’re looking for a great lightweight amp, with a fantastic tonal range, look no further.


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Little Gem | Elfring Guitar Amps
Little Gem offers everything from a chimey clean to a feminine lead tone break-up and a great classic spring reverb.
Soundclip was recorded with a Fulltone OCD pedal for the Little Gem.
Add your own favorite pedals and you have a versatile tweed amp. Cleans up very nicely with the volume pot of your guitar.
Little Gem | Elfring Guitar Amps
Little Gem | Elfring Guitar Amps
Ideal for playing at home, for studio recordings and practice with the band. Little Gem is a wonderful amp; with its classic tweed jacket it fits into any interior.

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1 in stock

Buizen: 5Y3 gelijkrichter, 12AX7 EH preamp,
12AT7 and 12AX7 JJ voor reverb, 6V6 power tube
Output: 5 Watt
Speaker: 1x 8″ Eight 15 Celestion
Controls: Volume, Tone and Reverb
Inputs: Hi and Lo
Main power: 230 Volt 50Hz
afmetingen: 43x21x37,5 cm
Gewicht: 11 kg

Little Gem | Elfring Guitar Amps


”Straight, honest, robust in construction and sound
The simple control panel allows you to set a very versatile sound.
The Little Gem is a small amp with a big sound that comes through and stands well. The amplifier is nice and compact and easy to take to the rehearsal room and is very useful in the band next to the drummer. If you can’t get a good sound out of this as a guitarist, something is not right.

The little Gem comes into its own with Singlecoils, P90’s and Filtertrons, but also with humbuckers you have quickly found a good sound. The distortion that occurs at higher volumes has a nice edge and is very usable.
The amplifier responds well to pedals. Surprisingly good and tight low, an adult amplifier in a small size. Tubes and look suggest vintage but the amp is more versatile, would like to hear it with a jazz guitar in a jazz setting. Inside very neatly finished, clear with a solid appearance, in use there is nothing that looks weak or limp. Handy in size, large in sound.

The Elfring Little Gem can compete well with renowned brands, with the difference that this amp is completely tube and, for example, a Fender Blues Junior is not. In every way, this amp wins. The components and construction used are of high quality. Also at living room volume a good sounding amp, where other amps often sound thin, the Little Gem retains its warm, full tone. Add to that the reverb sounds great and you have an absolute winner.

Oswin Geuskens, Arnhem