For over 30 years TS808 overdrive pedals have dictated the overdrive lands..

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For over 30 years TS808 overdrive pedals have dictated the overdrive landscape for the most iconic guitarists looking for that perfect overdriven sound. Now String Wood in conjunction with Elfring Manufacturing have designed and produced the ultimate TS808 chip based overdrive pedal called ~ The Tube Fever ~
The pedal has a drive knob, a tone knob, and a level knob. The drive knob adjusts gain, the tone knob adjusts treble and the level knob adjusts the output volume of the pedal. Contrary to some pedals we prefer to keep it simple.The circuit accentuates the frequencies between the bass and treble ranges, the so called mid-frequencies. Guitarists prefer this sort of equalization, as it helps to keep their sound from getting lost in the overall mix of the band. The reason being that as you increase the amplitude of an input signal to overload a tube amps preamp, it distorts the signal in a way that adds sustain, edge and harmonic liveliness. This all while in the meantime preserving the tonal characteristics of the guitar and amp and without disrupting the p(l)ayers dynamics!
Using a Tube Fever
1) Used against a clean amp, a Tube Fever will go from a bluesy to classic rock tone that will cut through the mix thanks to a mid-range hump
2) Used against an already overdriven amp, or even another overdrive or distortion pedal, it will push your tone and will give it more body and more sustain. This trick was used by numerous rock and metal players in the 80s, before high gain tube amps arrived. The so called stacking of sound.
3) Another use, which works perfect with a TS-808 based Tube Fever is a clean boost. Turn the gain (top right) knob almost all the way down and turn the tone (small middle) knob down almost all the way too, and crank up the output volume (top left) to the desired boost level. This can boost a tube amp with nice smooth tone and very little pedal distortion creating more tube distortion. The Tube Fever works pretty well with a variety of guitars and amps and is designed to make the tubes in your amp ‘scream’ and make them go into fever mod.
We have made a limited run of pedals to start with. Amongst the avid TS808 users, the lists contains names such as Joe Bonamassa, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Johnson, John Mayer, Andy Timmons, Alex Turner, Keith Urban


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