Elfring Shadowplay – combo


One step above and more power under the hood than his little Gem brother equipped with a 12” Celestion G12H comes the Shadowplay. This is the ideal pedal platform Tweed amp with lots of warm, deep bottom end and nice musical mids and a crispy classic American sounding top end we all love so much from Leo’s heritage. Vintage classic tone with a natural voice. You can take any stage with this tonal monster still in a handy size to carry from your car to the gig without hurting your back. All of the harmonic content of the instrument is simply amplified and comes through and makes you stand out individually as a player. Add on top of that a great spring reverb and you are musically free to go anywhere you want.

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1x 12″  G12H30  Celestion speaker
Volume, Tone and Reverb
Hi-Lo input
15 Watt output
Main power: 230 Volt
Measures: (dept x width x height) 26x51x43 cm