Boost 6112




If you are looking for the ideal tube boost to give your guitar signal that pure analog sound, the 6112 is the right choice. For the real sound conaisseurs .. after the release of the much acclaimed Lex Bos Superdrive, this is the latest design and pedal from Lex Bos.

This pedal uses a sub miniature tube called 6112 also called pencil tube, these tubes are much smaller than the normal pre-amp tubes, more stable and last longer. These tubes are also used in various audio devices such as headphones and microphones.

You can make all sounds of your pedals ‘bigger’, deeper and more harmonious in combination with the 6112. Delays sound much wider and deeper, your reverberation increases in color, distortions and fuzzes sound fuller and suddenly the 6112 tube just like an overdriven amplifier. With the contour button you can fine tune the sound. It’s like your guitar sound goes from 2D to 3D.

Try out the 6112 before and after your pedals to find the ideal application for your guitar and playing style.
In combination with a distortion pedal, the 6112 works as an extra gain stage and with the contour knob you can subtly adjust your sound and adjust it to taste.


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